Bring Your Own Traditions To Christmas

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the end of the year is a great time to celebrate and commemorate the year just gone.

Our family tradition lasts three days… As a family, we like to have a decadent BBQ for dinner on Christmas Eve as we’re usually at the beach, go see the neighbourhood Christmas lights, put all the pressies around the tree, and play board games with hot chocolate stirred with hot milk stirrers.

On Christmas morning we open presents, have a delicious breakfast, and head off to the beach. We cook our roast for dinner when it’s cooler – with the table laid by the kids… It’s so much fun seeing what they come up with each year! And a homemade dessert – as fancy as it can be! (Check out the easy option of luxury chocolate pudding with gold glitter sprinkling).

On Boxing Day, we have a champagne breakfast with my favourite – full English breakfast (minus the black pudding but definitely with crispy bacon). Followed by something like a swim, cricket on the lawn and/or a bike ride, and then cuddled up with movies in the evening – just relaxing with the family really.

And I really do appreciate this – and thoughts go to those who aren’t in this amazing position to have family around or enough for a big dinner.

All around the world, communities and families celebrate with traditions that bring excitement and joy. Here are some ideas on how to bring new traditions to your end-of-year celebrations.

Christmas Traditions From Around The World

Christmas Tree Traditions
The Tannenbaum (Christmas tree) is a centrepiece of the celebration in Germany. On Christmas Eve, families gather to decorate the tree with lights, candies, and handmade ornaments. We think a wonderful family tradition is encouraging each family member to contribute a unique ornament, weaving personal stories into the evergreen boughs.

The Joy of Reading with Jólabókaflóð
Iceland has a heartwarming tradition called Jólabókaflóð, where people exchange books on Christmas Eve and spend the night reading. Why not adopt this tradition as a wonderful way to encourage family bonding and the love of literature?

A Finger-Licking Good Christmas
Turkey may be a tradition for New Zealand, but we’re not the only country that has food traditions. Japan has a unique tradition of enjoying KFC on Christmas Eve, a practice that started as a marketing campaign in 1974 but became a national phenomenon. This could inspire a “fun food” night for your Christmas Eve, breaking away from traditional fare and creating a relaxed, joyful atmosphere.

Hide Your Broom
One of Norway’s peculiar traditions involves hiding all the brooms in the house on Christmas Eve to prevent them from being stolen by witches and evil spirits. You can incorporate this into a playful family game to bring everyone together at the end of the year.

A Day To Roll
In Caracas, Venezuela, it’s a tradition to roller-skate to the early morning Christmas Mass. While roller-skating to church might not be feasible everywhere, you can adopt this spirit by planning a family outdoor activity on Christmas Eve, be it a stroll or a bike ride, to breathe in the festive air.

The Giant Lantern Festival
The Philippines celebrates Christmas with the Giant Lantern Festival, where colourful, intricate lanterns light up the night. Creating your own lanterns can be a fun family craft activity, adding a glow of creativity and warmth to your home.

Building Your Own Tradition

The beauty of traditions lies in creating moments that reflect your family’s warmth, love, and uniqueness. Building your own festive traditions is a wonderful way to create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds.

Be it through a Christmas Eve gift box or through adopting novel customs from around the world, each celebration is an opportunity to weave a tapestry of memories.

Here are five tips to help you establish meaningful and enjoyable customs for your family during the holiday season:

1. Start with Your Roots:
Embrace your heritage and incorporate elements from your cultural or family heritage into your holiday celebrations. This might include traditional dishes, music, or decorations. Researching your ancestry can unearth unique traditions you can revive or adapt to modern celebrations.

2. Reflect and Personalize:
Create traditions that reflect your family’s values and interests. Think about what matters most to your family. It doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you love the outdoors, perhaps a yearly Christmas tree hiking trip would be a hit. Creating homemade decorations or a family art project each year could be your tradition if your family is artistic. Aligning your traditions with your family’s passions makes them more meaningful and enjoyable.

3. Involve Everyone:
Include all family members in the planning and execution. Give everyone a voice in creating new traditions. Children, in particular, will cherish the traditions more if they feel they have contributed to them. This could be as simple as allowing each family member to choose a special activity for the holiday season or having a rotating “tradition chooser” each year.

4. Balance Old and New:
Blend old traditions with new ideas. Discarding old traditions entirely is unnecessary. Instead, consider how they can be adapted or combined with new ideas to keep them fresh and relevant. For example, if you always have a special meal, consider adding a new dish each year that someone in the family has chosen or created.

Remember, Traditions Shouldn’t be Stressful! The best traditions are those that bring joy and aren’t a burden. Keep them simple enough so they can be easily repeated year after year. Also, be open to modifying them as your family grows and changes. What works one year might need tweaking the next, and that’s okay. The key is that the tradition continues to bring your family together in a meaningful way.

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Tracking the ROI of Your Corporate Gift-Giving Programme

Corporate gift-giving has evolved into a strategic tool for building relationships, enhancing brand image, and fostering customer loyalty.

However, as with any business investment, evaluating the return on investment (ROI) is crucial to ensure that the resources allocated provide actual benefits.

This blog explores the importance of tracking ROI in your corporate gift-giving program and provides a comprehensive guide on how to do so effectively.

Understanding ROI in Corporate Gifting

ROI in corporate gifting refers to the measurable benefits gained against the cost incurred in giving those gifts. It’s essential to understand that ROI goes beyond mere financial returns; it encompasses brand enhancement, customer loyalty, and strengthened relationships. The first step in tracking ROI is recognising its multifaceted nature and significance in your overall marketing strategy.

Here are three tips to help you get started –
Before starting the gift-giving program, record current metrics like client engagement levels, sales figures, or brand sentiment scores to establish a baseline for comparison.
Use CRM software to track interactions and responses related to the gifting program, such as client feedback, sales conversions post-gifting, and engagement rates.
Regularly assess the performance of the gifting program against the set benchmarks and make adjustments based on the findings.

Setting Clear Objectives

Before embarking on a gift-giving program, setting clear, measurable objectives is crucial. These objectives could range from increasing brand awareness, boosting customer retention, or enhancing employee morale. Aligning your gifting strategy with these objectives is key to tracking its effectiveness and ROI.

Put this into practice using these three tips –

Define specific goals for the gift-giving program, such as increasing customer retention by a certain percentage or enhancing employee morale.
Ensure that the objectives of the gifting program are in line with the broader goals and strategies of the business.
Clearly communicate the objectives to all team members involved in the gifting process to ensure a unified approach.

Selecting the Right Gifts

The choice of gifts plays a pivotal role in the success of your program. Factors to consider include the perceived value, relevance to the recipient, and alignment with your brand values. While cost-effectiveness is important, focusing solely on price can undermine the perceived value and impact of the gifts.

Here are three ways to help you select the right gifts.

Understand the preferences and interests of your gift recipients through surveys, social media analysis, or direct communication.
Choose gifts that are relevant to the recipient and reflect your brand’s quality and values.
Personalise gifts wherever possible to increase their impact and demonstrate thoughtfulness.

Read our blog, Why Give Corporate Gifts And How To Do It Right, for more ideas.

Measuring Quantitative and Qualitative ROI

Quantitative ROI can be measured through metrics like increased sales, customer retention rates, or lead generation. On the other hand, qualitative ROI involves less tangible aspects such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and brand perception. Employing surveys, feedback tools, and sales data analysis can help in capturing these insights.

Collect data on key quantitative metrics like increased sales, customer retention rates, and lead generation numbers post-gifting.
Gather qualitative feedback through surveys, interviews, or informal conversations to gauge recipient satisfaction and perception changes.
Create regular reports that combine both quantitative and qualitative data to provide a comprehensive view of the program’s effectiveness.

Integrating Data and Feedback

Combining customer feedback with internal data is crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of your gift program. Analysing patterns in customer responses, sales figures, and engagement metrics can reveal your gifting efforts’ direct and indirect impacts. Case studies and success stories further serve as testimonies to the program’s effectiveness.

Here are three tips to get you started.

Use a centralised system to collect and store data from various sources, including sales data, customer feedback, and social media mentions.
Regularly analyse the data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can inform future gifting strategies.
Actively use the feedback and data collected to refine and improve the gifting program.

Optimising Your Gifting Strategy

Using the data and insights gathered, refine and adapt your gifting strategy. This might involve adjusting the type of gifts, the frequency of gifting, or targeting different segments. The goal is to continuously improve the ROI by aligning the program more closely with your business objectives and customer preferences.

Put this into practice using these three suggestions –

Continuously review the effectiveness of your gifting strategy and make adjustments based on performance data and recipient feedback.
Experiment with different types of gifts, timing, and delivery methods to see what gives the best results.
Keep abreast of changing trends and preferences in corporate gifting to ensure your program remains relevant and effective.

Is Your Gifting Helping Your Business?

Tracking the ROI of your corporate gift-giving program is not just about measuring financial returns; it’s about understanding and enhancing the value it brings to your business relationships, brand image, and overall business goals. By adopting a data-driven approach, you can ensure that your gifting strategy is not only generous but also smart and impactful.

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6 Steps To Creating a Successful Corporate Gifting Campaign

Giving gifts at work is a great way to make people feel special. But it can be so much more than “just a nice thing to do”.

When done right, corporate gifting can be a powerful tool to foster relationships, boost morale, and increase brand loyalty.

Read our blog “Why give corporate gifts – and how to do it right” for more information on why gift-giving works for your business.

Your gift-giving campaign should be done intentionally, purposefully and with planning for the best results.

Here are our top 6 steps to creating a successful corporate gifting campaign.

1. Timing is Everything

Want to beat the festive rush? Planning ahead is key. If you’re aiming for a Christmas delivery, starting your booking process in August or September is wise. This gives you ample time to finalise the items, account for any production or shipping delays, and ensure the gift arrives at the perfect moment. ***We also have an early bird special – orders placed before 1st October 2023 and over $1200 will receive a free gift box rrp $135 to do with as you wish!***

2. Make It Special

Gifts should evoke positive emotions. Think about the experience you want to offer from the moment the gift is received to when it’s opened. Quality packaging, a thoughtful note, or an unexpected bonus item can make the whole experience even more memorable.

3. Reflect Company Values

Your gifts should be a reflection of your company’s values and culture. If you pride your business on sustainability, opt for eco-friendly products and packaging. This not only reinforces your brand image but also shows integrity and consistency.

4. Budgeting and Return On Investment

Like all corporate campaigns, setting a clear budget for your gifting strategy is crucial. But remember, the value of a gift isn’t always tied to its cost. It’s the thought and relevance that often counts. Furthermore, while gifts are primarily a gesture of goodwill, consider the potential ROI. Could a well-timed and thoughtful gift lead to a business partnership or a strengthened business relationship?

5. Personalisation and Customisation

In today’s world, personalisation can set your gifts apart. Tailor your gifts to the recipient’s tastes or interests. Even in bulk orders, simple touches, like using the recipient’s name or choosing gifts suited to their preferences, can make all the difference. Branded options such as box sleeves, printed ribbons, cards or logo stickers are available too!

6. Feedback and Iteration

Before you begin, define what “success” looks like in your gift-giving campaign. This will make sure you’ve got some reference points to go back to and check if it met its goals. It’s likely that your successes are going to be long-term. So, it may be worth keeping a spreadsheet of who you gave a gift to and what it was.

And after the campaign, gather feedback. This isn’t about self-praise but about continuous improvement. Understanding the recipients’ perspectives can provide valuable insights for future campaigns, ensuring they’re even more successful and impactful.

A successful corporate gifting campaign goes beyond just selecting a product and sending it out. It requires thought, planning, and a touch of personalisation.

By considering these points, you can ensure that your gifts not only delight their recipients but also create lasting, positive impressions of your brand.

At All But One Gifts, we work with you to create stunning corporate gifts to help you build relationships and maximise business opportunities.

Your gifts are expertly hand curated, so care and consideration goes into every gift to make it meaningful and thoughtful for your receiver. The keepsake boxes add a touch of luxury – beautifully laminated with a magnetic close, ribbon, and bow. Any of our boxes are available as workplace gifts – see our wide range below or go to All Gifts.

Branded Gifts and Custom Boxes

We can also custom curate your gift – we are happy to work with you on any special requests, products or requirements. For a little bit extra per box, we can add a branded ribbon, custom sticker or card, or printed bands.

Reach out if you have any questions.
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Unique Father’s Day Gift Boxes: Discover the Perfect Surprise

Father’s Day is around the corner, and every year, we hunt to find the perfect gift that speaks directly to our dad’s heart.

This year, move away from the traditional socks and ties and delve into unique Father’s Day gift boxes that showcase your appreciation and love in the most delightful ways.

At All But One, we know that no two fathers are the same, and our carefully curated gift boxes aim to celebrate all tastes. So whether your dad is a food lover, a gardening enthusiast, or has a penchant for gourmet delights, we have a box just for him.

Here’s our guide to help you choose:

Check out all our “Father’s Day” gift boxes. 

For the Foodie Father: Food-Themed Boxes

Nothing speaks love more than a box filled with delectable treats. Whether your dad loves indulging in gourmet chocolates, fancy condiments, or artisanal New Zealand snacks, our tailored food boxes are packed with a delightful assortment that will tickle his taste buds. Plus, every bite reminds him of your love!

Our favourites for Dad are
The Choc Box (indulge your chocoholic dad!)
The Good Vibes Box
Savoury and Sweet

The Green-Thumbed Dad: Gardening Themed Boxes

If your father has green fingers and loves tinkering with plants instead of tools, our Gardening Box is the way to go. Complete with essential gardening tools, unique seeds, and of course, something tasty! This box will surely make his day. It’s not just a gift; it’s an experience he’ll cherish.

Our favourites for Father’s Day are
The Gardener’s Box
Green Fingers (Limited Edition)

For the Dapper Dad: The Dads’ Pamper Themed Boxes

Every dad has a unique style – a blend of classic charm and contemporary cool. For the fathers who want to look good, our style and groom-themed gift boxes are curated for those dads, encapsulating everything they’d need to feel sharp and put-together.

Our favourites for the best-looking dad awards are
Pamper box for him
Take it easy

The Snack-Pack: Platterboard Themed Box

Is your dad a connoisseur of fine cheeses, salami or pate? Our platterboard-themed gift box is perfect for the Dad who wants to make the most of his snack time! And wants to serve them in a super-stylish way. Based around a stunning Rimu cheeseboard and knife handmade in Hokitika from 100% sustainable NZ timber, we’ve selected a range of delicious dips, snacks, and honey to pair with any cheese or salami.

Our favourites for the artisan super snacker-Dad are
Let’s celebrate
Artisan blues
Celebrate with sweetness

Budget-Friendly Options

We understand that not every gift needs to have a hefty price tag to show love and appreciation. Our range also includes budget-friendly options that, while lighter on the wallet, are still heavy on sentiment.

Unique is the New Trend

Every dad is unique, and we firmly believe that every gift should reflect that. These boxes are not just about the items inside but the thought that goes into selecting each product. From the design of the box to its contents, every detail speaks of exclusivity and care.

Wrapping Up Your Love

Father’s Day is more than just a day on the calendar. It’s an opportunity
to thank our dads for their love, support, and countless sacrifices.

So, this year, make it extra special with a unique gift box from All But
One. Because every father deserves a gift box filled with love and

Check out all our Father’s Day gift boxes.

Mother's Day Gift Boxes. Pamper gifts as well as gourmet eats. Spoil Mum this Mother's Day. Show your appreciation.

Experience Aotearoa: How to Choose the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Box with Authentic New Zealand Flavours

When it comes to Mother’s Day, finding the perfect gift for the incredible women in our lives can be daunting. 

This year, why not surprise your mum with a lovingly curated gift box filled with authentic New Zealand flavours? 

Aotearoa offers an array of artisan treats and products that are sure to delight her, and create a memorable, heartwarming experience. 

With so many gift hamper options available for Mother’s Day, we’ll share how to choose the ultimate Mother’s Day gift box in this blog. 

Choose a Theme for Your Mother’s Day Gift Box

Before you begin curating your gift box, consider selecting a theme that encapsulates your mum’s unique tastes and preferences. 

Whether she loves indulging in sweet treats, exploring artisan products, or enjoys pampering, a thoughtful theme will guide your selection process and ensure that every item in the box is tailored to her tastes.

Discover Local Chocolates

Many of our gift boxes for Mother’s Day include a special chocolatey treat. So, we’ve included some of the best in our selections. 

New Zealand is home to several artisan chocolate makers who produce exquisite treats using local ingredients and time-honoured techniques. 

If your mum loves chocolate, begin your gift box choice by exploring the range of locally-made chocolates available. 

Be sure to include a selection of these unique chocolates to satisfy your mum’s sweet tooth and introduce her to the flavours of Aotearoa.

Choose a Box of Luxurious Bath and Beauty Products

No gourmet gift box is complete without a pampering assortment of bath and beauty products. And that’s what you’ll find in many of our boxes, alongside other New Zealand products. 

New Zealand is home to many local brands that create luxurious, natural, and eco-friendly products to help your mum indulge in some well-deserved relaxation. 

Explore our brands that offer a diverse range of skincare, body care and bath products, made with ingredients like manuka honey, coconut and harakeke.

If feeling pampered is a must for mum, choose a gift box that contains nourishing body lotions, rejuvenating face masks, or soothing bath salts to provide a blissful at-home spa experience for your mum. 

Your mum might like

Put Her Feet Up with a Delicious Drink

Sipping on an aromatic cup of tea may be just the right thing to help your mum relax and encourage her to put her feet up. Not a tea lover? Maybe some hot chocolate…

Help mum put her feet up and relax – choose one of our incredible Mother’s Days gift boxes which include a selection of delicious, high quality drinks. 

Thrill the Foodie

To round out your gift box, we often include a selection of New Zealand-made crackers, preserves and condiments, that will pair well with any delicious New Zealand cheese and wines you might find. 

We’ve sourced products from New Zealand artisan producers who create high-quality jams, chutneys and relishes, using fresh, local ingredients which will add an extra layer of indulgence to your mum’s tasting experience.

Presentation is Key

Finally, we pay great attention to the presentation of your gift box. A beautiful and thoughtful arrangement can make your carefully curated selections even more special. 

Not only do we make your Mother’s Day gift box look special, but all our gift hampers are packed and sent using eco-friendly packaging:

  • REUSABLE: Your beautiful gift box can be kept as a keepsake, the woodwool, honeycomb wrap and brown paper for packaging, the tissue paper and ribbon for presents.
  • COMPOSTABLE: Woodwool, brown paper (torn into little pieces), protective honeycomb wrap for glass products.
  • ABLE TO BE RECYCLED: Paper ribbon, brown paper, paper tape, protective honeycomb wrap for glass products, greeting cards and tissue paper (except for the gold one).


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Corporate gift giving at Christmas

Giving gifts at Christmas is a tradition in many countries, and especially here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. In the corporate environment, giving a gift at Christmas is a great way to show appreciation and thanks to staff and clients.

At Christmas time, choosing the right gift is important.

Research has shown that gifting the “right” gift can build relationships, encourage clients to do more business with us, and improve loyalty at work.

But, get the gift wrong, and it can have the opposite effect. Find out more about why corporate gift-giving is important and how to do it right.

Here are some things to consider when giving Christmas gifts at work, and make sure you choose the right gift each time.

Make your Christmas gift personal, but not too personal!

No one wants a gift so personal it makes them uncomfortable.

Don’t super-stalk your employees or clients, and give them a gift that relates to their deepest secrets. Instead, remember conversations you’ve had about things they enjoy doing or like having.

Remind them, “I remember you saying you loved trying different coffee blends”. They’ll truly appreciate this personal touch.

Think about the message your Christmas gift is sending

Your goal is to give a gift that’s valued by your employee or client. When they see or use the gift, you want them to remember you – favorably.

The gift also needs to be appropriate for your relationship.

Try these tips to choose a corporate Christmas gift that sends the right message.

  • Set a budget for all your corporate gifts. Make it the same for everyone, so no one feels less or more valued. We have a range of corporate gifts for all budgets. Check out our selection and talk to us about bulk offers.
  • Make a list of everyone who you’d like to send a gift. Note down your professional relationship (client, employee) and how you’d like them to think of your professional relationship.
  • Remember any food allergies or if they don’t drink alcohol. Sending a bottle of wine to someone who doesn’t drink won’t win you any favours.
  • Think about how the gift can highlight your organisation’s values. If your company has values around sustainability and the environment, choose giftsthat reinforce this message.

Add a note to your Christmas gift

If your gift is for an employee, send it with a personal note recognising an effort they’ve made this year.

If your gift is for a client, make note of how you’ve worked with them that year and what you’re looking forward to in the coming year.

You can add personalised cards, ribbons and branding to all our corporate gifts.

Think outside the (Christmas) box

Anyone can choose a box of chocolates, but what does that really do to build on your relationship with your staff member or client?

Popular corporate Christmas gifts are

  • Branded items such as socks and mugs
  • Bottles of wine
  • Chocolate
  • BBQ sets

Just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good gifts.

At All But One, we take time and effort to curate bespoke gift boxes that contain items that you can’t walk into the supermarket and buy. All the items are carefully and meaningfully put together, so your clients and employees know you value them.

Great corporate Christmas gifts are

Explore our range of corporate gifts that are perfect for gifting at Christmas – to staff and clients.

Why Do We Give Gifts?

Giving gifts is so much fun. Whether you’re giving a gift or receiving one, it’s one of life’s greatest joys. 

There are many reasons why we give gifts, but generally they fall into two categories:

  • To celebrate seasonal or cultural occasions.
  • To build and reinforce relationships.

Giving gifts to celebrate seasonal or cultural occasions

Giving gifts has become tradition to celebrate many seasons and cultural occasions. Different cultures and countries have different traditions and events to celebrate. Each comes with its own do and don’t list of gifting etiquette. 

  • Christmas. While we now open gifts on Christmas day, traditionally it was Boxing Day when gifts were opened. Christmas day was kept for going to church. Any type of gift is considered appropriate for giving at Christmas. Check out our Christmas Gift Boxes for inspiration.
  • Diwali. The Hindu festival of light is celebrated in October. Food is a traditional gift given on Diwali – nuts, dried fruit and sweets. But avoid alcohol, meat and gifts made of leather because many Hindus are vegetarian and avoid drinking alcohol. 
  • Lunar New Year. Giving gifts at the Lunar (Chinese) New Year is a symbol of passing on best wishes for the coming year. Choose gifts that are coloured red, yellow or gold to symbolise wealth and prosperity. But avoid giving scented candles, cut flowers or four of anything as they symbolise death or funerals. 
  • Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr is the Muslim festival to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the New Year. Traditional gifts include dates and honey. Avoid giving alcohol and any food that contains pork or gelatin products. 

Giving gifts to build and reinforce relationships

Giving gifts is a sure way to delight friends, family, clients and employees. Giving gifts can reinforce our relationship with whomever we’re sending a gift to. 

We often give gifts for

  • Birthdays
  • Valentines
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother’s or Father’s day
  • Welcoming a new client
  • Saying thank you to an employee
  • Retirement

Choosing the right type of gift to give

Choosing the right type of gift is important. Giving the wrong type of gift for a cultural event may cause offence. And choosing the wrong type of gift to reinforce a relationship may have the opposite effect. 

What to consider when choosing a gift

Start by thinking about who you’re giving the gift to. Next, consider why you’re giving the gift. Think about whether the gift is personal or professional? And make sure to think about any symbolic meanings behind the gift or the occasion.

  • Choose gifts that are practical but still inspire.
  • Gifts can be events or experiences. 
  • Choose unique gifts that can’t be easily found.
  • Give lots of little gifts together in a gift box. 
  • Are you expecting anything in return? Then think about the cost of the gift and the value of what you’re expecting in return.

Shop all our gift boxes.

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The advantages of buying gift boxes online

The joy of gift boxes is like getting lots of little presents in one. Which we think is far better than getting one big gift!

Whether you’re gifting at work or to friends and family, gift hampers are the perfect way to delight and inspire. 

Why choose to give a gift box?

Gift boxes are the perfect gift because: 

  • They allow you to give truly personalised products.
  • They often contain unique products you can’t find in stores.
  • They can be shared between people in a family or a team.
  • They make giving gifts easy.

Sending gift baskets is easy because they’re already beautifully packaged together. And there are the added benefits of being able to tailor the gifts to any budget or occasion. 

Because they contain a range of gifts, gift boxes give an additional feeling of care and value to the person or people you’re sending them to. 

Five benefits of buying gift boxes online:

 1.  Buying gift boxes online is convenient and saves you time.

The great thing about choosing gift boxes online is that you can show your family, friends, employees, or clients that you care. Without having to spend hours doing it. 

Gift baskets come filled with a range of different gifts that all have a similar theme. From one online store, you’re able to order one basket packed with different products and make one payment. 

You don’t need to spend hours wandering from store to store or setting up accounts at multiple online stores to buy the right gifts. 

2.  Your gift will stand out with unique products that aren’t usually in stores.

Unique products thrill and delight everyone. And New Zealand has some amazing gourmet foods, artisan products and beauty brands to explore. The problem is finding them!

Because gift baskets are packed with lots of little presents, they’re full of surprises. And personalised, unique products make the best surprises. 

At All But One Gifts, we carefully select the gifts that go into your baskets. We theme our baskets while choosing products that are not the same as the ones you’d usually find in the stores. 

By buying online from All But One, you can see exactly what gifts go into your gift box.

So you know you’re giving a gift that is sure to bring joy. 

3.  You don’t need to bring the creativity – just the occasion.

If you’ve ever been lost for ideas about what to give the person who has everything, gift boxes are the perfect solution. 

You don’t need to spend hours wondering what to buy. All you need to do is browse through our themed gift boxes. 

We’ve spent the time carefully selecting what personal, unique gifts go into each box to find the perfect gifts that say thank you, wish someone well, welcome them into their new home, or say get well soon. 

4.  Packing and delivery are so easy.

The problem with buying lots of little gifts is that you’ve got to spend hours wrapping and packing them.  

And then you’ve got to get to the post office or arrange pick up for delivery. 

What seems like a simple task to organise suddenly turns into a mammoth undertaking. 

Your gift is expertly put together by hand, with care and consideration. The keepsake box adds a touch of luxury – beautifully laminated and with a magnetic close. Our gift boxes are beautifully presented and packed in eco-friendly packaging – which can either be reused, recycled or composted. So you know it will arrive safely and still look great. 

We make it easy for you to buy gift boxes to present to family, friends, employees or clients. And we even deliver throughout New Zealand. 

5.  You won’t be stuck for last-minute gift emergencies.

Because we never shut, you can buy gift baskets online at any time of the day or night. 

You can pick the date you’d like your gift box delivered and then get on with your day, knowing your gift will be delivered around the country on your chosen date (or as close to as possible).

Browse all our gifts.

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When to give gifts at work

Giving gifts at work, whether to employees or customers, can have a positive impact on others and businesses.

But, giving gifts at work can feel like navigating a minefield. What do you give? When do you give them? Why do you give gifts?

The implications of getting corporate gifting wrong can stop us from giving gifts when they may be the perfect thing to intrigue and delight our clients.

At All But One Gifts, we work with companies helping them choose the perfect gift box or hamper for staff and clients.

Here are our suggestions about when and how to give gifts at work that delight and grow connections.

When to give gifts to employees

Giving gifts to employees that recognise their work can help boost morale, increase productivity and have a positive impact on work relationships.

It’s nice to give gifts on your employee’s birthdays. But don’t miss out on opportunities to show your employees that you really value them by giving gifts that mark achievements, celebrations or milestones.

It’s a good idea to check your company’s policy on gift giving.

Generally, gift giving should be from the employer, manager or team leader to the employee rather than the other way around.

A team giving a gift to their manager for a special occasion may be appropriate.

The reasons for giving gifts to employees will depend on your workplace and work culture, but generally, focus on giving gifts to show you value their work, effort and achievements.

Think about giving a gift box:
To acknowledge a birthday, retirement/leaving work, wedding or maternity leave.
To acknowledge excellence in the workplace that goes above and beyond their normal duties – customer service, helping a colleague, advancing the brand.
To celebrate achievements in meeting KPIs and targets or landing a new customer.
To celebrate a new certification or qualification.

Giving gifts to clients or customers

Giving gifts to customers is a great way to show your appreciation, increase sales and open doors for ongoing relationships.

Timing is important. Giving a gift too early in the relationship can feel like a bribe to complete the purchase or sign the contract. Giving a gift on sale or completion is much more appropriate.

Try giving a gift box or hamper:
When you’re onboarding a new client.
To celebrate a contract renewal.
To celebrate a holiday or festival.
To celebrate a significant partnership achievement.
To thank for a referral who signs up with you.

How to choose the right gift to send to employees or customers

The focus of the gift is your client or employee, so avoid sending overly-branded items in your gift basket. Create a balance – perhaps the ribbon or box can be branded.

Sometimes it can be good to avoid sending everyone in the office the same gift. Making subtle, small changes shows your employees you’ve taken the effort to personalise the gift.

Don’t send personal items – clothes, perfume or jewellery. You’re connecting in a professional environment, so choose neutral gifts such as gourmet food and artisan products.

Don’t get forgotten in the gift. Send a personalised note along with your gift that acknowledges the reason why the gift is being given.

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Why give corporate gifts – and how to do it right

Corporate gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for employees and customers.

Used at the right time and for the right reason, giving corporate gifts can improve productivity and morale in employees and boost sales and repeat customers.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of the benefits of giving corporate gifts and how to do it right.

What is corporate gifting?

Giving gifts is an important part of business culture. The giving of gifts creates memorable moments for our staff as well as clients.

The right gift can create strong positive links that can show appreciation and benefit relationships in the short term.

Why give gifts at work?

Can you remember when you received an unexpected gift? How did it make you feel? Did it make you feel more positive about the business or brand?

Giving gifts at work is a great way to make people feel special. But it can be so much more than “just a nice thing to do”. Corporate gifting can be a powerful tool to help retain staff and grow business if used correctly.

Psychologically, giving gifts can build on two important persuasion factors – reciprocity and trust.

Robert Cialdini, the author of Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion, reminds us of the unwritten rule that if we get something, we should give something in return. All societies adhere to this rule.

Gifting is one of the most powerful ways we can influence someone’s behaviour.

Giving gifts also shows that our business or brand can be trusted. After all, they gave you something unexpected, didn’t they? And people who can’t be trusted wouldn’t do this.

Tips for giving gifts to staff

Especially when staff retention is a problem, giving gifts can be a great way to show staff that you appreciate them.

The key to giving meaningful gifts to staff is to make them feel valued on a personal level.

Here are some gift-giving opportunities for employees that go beyond
birthdays and Christmas:
Going above and beyond to help a client or colleague
Achieving a certification or goal
Recognising commitment at work over a time of personal challenge

Linking staff gifts to personal achievement or recognition is a much more meaningful way of showing appreciation and value.

Tips for giving gifts to clients

Giving gifts to corporate clients works best when the gift or gift timing is unexpected and personal.

Timing is important. Giving a gift too early in the relationship can feel like a bribe to complete the purchase or sign the contract. Giving a gift on sale or completion is much more appropriate.

Make sure you’re clear as to why you’re giving a gift. Are you gifting to say thank you for a purchase, to celebrate a milestone (for example, a renewal of a contract) or to welcome them to your community? Being clear about why you’re gifting will help you choose the right gift for the occasion.

Is the gift for one or all? Choosing a gift basket means products can be shared out among a team or family, or a smaller gift hamper can be given to each member.

How to choose the right gift

Know your gift recipient. Don’t send a bottle of bubbly if they don’t drink alcohol.

Choose appropriate gifts for the occasion you’re celebrating.

Be clear about why you’re sending the gift.

Be clear about what action you want people to take after they’ve received the gift (complete the purchase, purchase again, recommend you to others, stay a valued member of the team, promote your business) – remember gift giving taps into the reciprocity rule.

Make sure the gift reflects the values of your company and your clients or employees.

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