6 Steps To Creating a Successful Corporate Gifting Campaign

Giving gifts at work is a great way to make people feel special. But it can be so much more than “just a nice thing to do”.

When done right, corporate gifting can be a powerful tool to foster relationships, boost morale, and increase brand loyalty.

Read our blog “Why give corporate gifts – and how to do it right” for more information on why gift-giving works for your business.

Your gift-giving campaign should be done intentionally, purposefully and with planning for the best results.

Here are our top 6 steps to creating a successful corporate gifting campaign.

1. Timing is Everything

Want to beat the festive rush? Planning ahead is key. If you’re aiming for a Christmas delivery, starting your booking process in August or September is wise. This gives you ample time to finalise the items, account for any production or shipping delays, and ensure the gift arrives at the perfect moment. ***We also have an early bird special – orders placed before 1st October 2023 and over $1200 will receive a free gift box rrp $135 to do with as you wish!***

2. Make It Special

Gifts should evoke positive emotions. Think about the experience you want to offer from the moment the gift is received to when it’s opened. Quality packaging, a thoughtful note, or an unexpected bonus item can make the whole experience even more memorable.

3. Reflect Company Values

Your gifts should be a reflection of your company’s values and culture. If you pride your business on sustainability, opt for eco-friendly products and packaging. This not only reinforces your brand image but also shows integrity and consistency.

4. Budgeting and Return On Investment

Like all corporate campaigns, setting a clear budget for your gifting strategy is crucial. But remember, the value of a gift isn’t always tied to its cost. It’s the thought and relevance that often counts. Furthermore, while gifts are primarily a gesture of goodwill, consider the potential ROI. Could a well-timed and thoughtful gift lead to a business partnership or a strengthened business relationship?

5. Personalisation and Customisation

In today’s world, personalisation can set your gifts apart. Tailor your gifts to the recipient’s tastes or interests. Even in bulk orders, simple touches, like using the recipient’s name or choosing gifts suited to their preferences, can make all the difference. Branded options such as box sleeves, printed ribbons, cards or logo stickers are available too!

6. Feedback and Iteration

Before you begin, define what “success” looks like in your gift-giving campaign. This will make sure you’ve got some reference points to go back to and check if it met its goals. It’s likely that your successes are going to be long-term. So, it may be worth keeping a spreadsheet of who you gave a gift to and what it was.

And after the campaign, gather feedback. This isn’t about self-praise but about continuous improvement. Understanding the recipients’ perspectives can provide valuable insights for future campaigns, ensuring they’re even more successful and impactful.

A successful corporate gifting campaign goes beyond just selecting a product and sending it out. It requires thought, planning, and a touch of personalisation.

By considering these points, you can ensure that your gifts not only delight their recipients but also create lasting, positive impressions of your brand.

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Branded Gifts and Custom Boxes

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