Experience Aotearoa: How to Choose the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Box with Authentic New Zealand Flavours

When it comes to Mother’s Day, finding the perfect gift for the incredible women in our lives can be daunting. 

This year, why not surprise your mum with a lovingly curated gift box filled with authentic New Zealand flavours? 

Aotearoa offers an array of artisan treats and products that are sure to delight her, and create a memorable, heartwarming experience. 

With so many gift hamper options available for Mother’s Day, we’ll share how to choose the ultimate Mother’s Day gift box in this blog. 

Choose a Theme for Your Mother’s Day Gift Box

Before you begin curating your gift box, consider selecting a theme that encapsulates your mum’s unique tastes and preferences. 

Whether she loves indulging in sweet treats, exploring artisan products, or enjoys pampering, a thoughtful theme will guide your selection process and ensure that every item in the box is tailored to her tastes.

Discover Local Chocolates

Many of our gift boxes for Mother’s Day include a special chocolatey treat. So, we’ve included some of the best in our selections. 

New Zealand is home to several artisan chocolate makers who produce exquisite treats using local ingredients and time-honoured techniques. 

If your mum loves chocolate, begin your gift box choice by exploring the range of locally-made chocolates available. 

Be sure to include a selection of these unique chocolates to satisfy your mum’s sweet tooth and introduce her to the flavours of Aotearoa.

Choose a Box of Luxurious Bath and Beauty Products

No gourmet gift box is complete without a pampering assortment of bath and beauty products. And that’s what you’ll find in many of our boxes, alongside other New Zealand products. 

New Zealand is home to many local brands that create luxurious, natural, and eco-friendly products to help your mum indulge in some well-deserved relaxation. 

Explore our brands that offer a diverse range of skincare, body care and bath products, made with ingredients like manuka honey, coconut and harakeke.

If feeling pampered is a must for mum, choose a gift box that contains nourishing body lotions, rejuvenating face masks, or soothing bath salts to provide a blissful at-home spa experience for your mum. 

Your mum might like

Put Her Feet Up with a Delicious Drink

Sipping on an aromatic cup of tea may be just the right thing to help your mum relax and encourage her to put her feet up. Not a tea lover? Maybe some hot chocolate…

Help mum put her feet up and relax – choose one of our incredible Mother’s Days gift boxes which include a selection of delicious, high quality drinks. 

Thrill the Foodie

To round out your gift box, we often include a selection of New Zealand-made crackers, preserves and condiments, that will pair well with any delicious New Zealand cheese and wines you might find. 

We’ve sourced products from New Zealand artisan producers who create high-quality jams, chutneys and relishes, using fresh, local ingredients which will add an extra layer of indulgence to your mum’s tasting experience.

Presentation is Key

Finally, we pay great attention to the presentation of your gift box. A beautiful and thoughtful arrangement can make your carefully curated selections even more special. 

Not only do we make your Mother’s Day gift box look special, but all our gift hampers are packed and sent using eco-friendly packaging:

  • REUSABLE: Your beautiful gift box can be kept as a keepsake, the woodwool, honeycomb wrap and brown paper for packaging, the tissue paper and ribbon for presents.
  • COMPOSTABLE: Woodwool, brown paper (torn into little pieces), protective honeycomb wrap for glass products.
  • ABLE TO BE RECYCLED: Paper ribbon, brown paper, paper tape, protective honeycomb wrap for glass products, greeting cards and tissue paper (except for the gold one).


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