When to give gifts at work

Giving gifts at work, whether to employees or customers, can have a positive impact on others and businesses.

But, giving gifts at work can feel like navigating a minefield. What do you give? When do you give them? Why do you give gifts?

The implications of getting corporate gifting wrong can stop us from giving gifts when they may be the perfect thing to intrigue and delight our clients.

At All But One Gifts, we work with companies helping them choose the perfect gift box or hamper for staff and clients.

Here are our suggestions about when and how to give gifts at work that delight and grow connections.

When to give gifts to employees

Giving gifts to employees that recognise their work can help boost morale, increase productivity and have a positive impact on work relationships.

It’s nice to give gifts on your employee’s birthdays. But don’t miss out on opportunities to show your employees that you really value them by giving gifts that mark achievements, celebrations or milestones.

It’s a good idea to check your company’s policy on gift giving.

Generally, gift giving should be from the employer, manager or team leader to the employee rather than the other way around.

A team giving a gift to their manager for a special occasion may be appropriate.

The reasons for giving gifts to employees will depend on your workplace and work culture, but generally, focus on giving gifts to show you value their work, effort and achievements.

Think about giving a gift box:
To acknowledge a birthday, retirement/leaving work, wedding or maternity leave.
To acknowledge excellence in the workplace that goes above and beyond their normal duties – customer service, helping a colleague, advancing the brand.
To celebrate achievements in meeting KPIs and targets or landing a new customer.
To celebrate a new certification or qualification.

Giving gifts to clients or customers

Giving gifts to customers is a great way to show your appreciation, increase sales and open doors for ongoing relationships.

Timing is important. Giving a gift too early in the relationship can feel like a bribe to complete the purchase or sign the contract. Giving a gift on sale or completion is much more appropriate.

Try giving a gift box or hamper:
When you’re onboarding a new client.
To celebrate a contract renewal.
To celebrate a holiday or festival.
To celebrate a significant partnership achievement.
To thank for a referral who signs up with you.

How to choose the right gift to send to employees or customers

The focus of the gift is your client or employee, so avoid sending overly-branded items in your gift basket. Create a balance – perhaps the ribbon or box can be branded.

Sometimes it can be good to avoid sending everyone in the office the same gift. Making subtle, small changes shows your employees you’ve taken the effort to personalise the gift.

Don’t send personal items – clothes, perfume or jewellery. You’re connecting in a professional environment, so choose neutral gifts such as gourmet food and artisan products.

Don’t get forgotten in the gift. Send a personalised note along with your gift that acknowledges the reason why the gift is being given.

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