Our Story

There have been many changes over the last few years in New Zealand and worldwide. With a focus placed on sustainability and eco-friendly to help our world recover from well, overuse and abuse of everything, and emphasis on support local, our journey has been one of how can we play a part in this?

As many have had to ‘pivot’ their businesses lately, so to have we. With the initial thought of having health boxes to supplement our health-focused business, we wanted to cater to everybody (and also due to requests), so we decided on a range of gift boxes. With more and more people buying online, due to it being more convenient but also due to lockdowns here and abroad, and also environmentally and economically-wise it was good to buy local, we thought it was time to find a way to incorporate all of the above values, and so ALL BUT ONE was founded.

All But One sources mostly locally made products from New Zealand, so all our products in your gift boxes will be NZ made except for one – hence our name All But One. We thought it was still important, in these crazy times, to keep in touch with the rest of the world, yet still placing an emphasis on locally made products*. However, all our products in these gorgeous gift boxes are sourced from New Zealand businesses – from Kaiatai to Dunedin and Invercargill, so nothing has been flown thousands of miles especially by us. The products from overseas are already here – thus contributing less to air miles.

*This is our main focus – except at the moment we have a few boxes with two or three products that are not NZ made – these are limited editions.

We help you to give that perfect gift by taking away the hard work for you – we do the sourcing of products, designing the boxes and packing and sending them – you just need to choose which ones you like! By the nature of gift boxing which come with lots of packaging, we are playing our part in minimising the effect on the environment by using eco-friendly packaging to wrap and send your gift. Please see Doing our Bit for more information.

We hope you find our gift boxes as fabulous as we we enjoy making them.

Keep supporting local