Why Do We Give Gifts?

Giving gifts is so much fun. Whether you’re giving a gift or receiving one, it’s one of life’s greatest joys. 

There are many reasons why we give gifts, but generally they fall into two categories:

  • To celebrate seasonal or cultural occasions.
  • To build and reinforce relationships.

Giving gifts to celebrate seasonal or cultural occasions

Giving gifts has become tradition to celebrate many seasons and cultural occasions. Different cultures and countries have different traditions and events to celebrate. Each comes with its own do and don’t list of gifting etiquette. 

  • Christmas. While we now open gifts on Christmas day, traditionally it was Boxing Day when gifts were opened. Christmas day was kept for going to church. Any type of gift is considered appropriate for giving at Christmas. Check out our Christmas Gift Boxes for inspiration.
  • Diwali. The Hindu festival of light is celebrated in October. Food is a traditional gift given on Diwali – nuts, dried fruit and sweets. But avoid alcohol, meat and gifts made of leather because many Hindus are vegetarian and avoid drinking alcohol. 
  • Lunar New Year. Giving gifts at the Lunar (Chinese) New Year is a symbol of passing on best wishes for the coming year. Choose gifts that are coloured red, yellow or gold to symbolise wealth and prosperity. But avoid giving scented candles, cut flowers or four of anything as they symbolise death or funerals. 
  • Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr is the Muslim festival to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the New Year. Traditional gifts include dates and honey. Avoid giving alcohol and any food that contains pork or gelatin products. 

Giving gifts to build and reinforce relationships

Giving gifts is a sure way to delight friends, family, clients and employees. Giving gifts can reinforce our relationship with whomever we’re sending a gift to. 

We often give gifts for

  • Birthdays
  • Valentines
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother’s or Father’s day
  • Welcoming a new client
  • Saying thank you to an employee
  • Retirement

Choosing the right type of gift to give

Choosing the right type of gift is important. Giving the wrong type of gift for a cultural event may cause offence. And choosing the wrong type of gift to reinforce a relationship may have the opposite effect. 

What to consider when choosing a gift

Start by thinking about who you’re giving the gift to. Next, consider why you’re giving the gift. Think about whether the gift is personal or professional? And make sure to think about any symbolic meanings behind the gift or the occasion.

  • Choose gifts that are practical but still inspire.
  • Gifts can be events or experiences. 
  • Choose unique gifts that can’t be easily found.
  • Give lots of little gifts together in a gift box. 
  • Are you expecting anything in return? Then think about the cost of the gift and the value of what you’re expecting in return.

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