Corporate gift giving at Christmas

Giving gifts at Christmas is a tradition in many countries, and especially here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. In the corporate environment, giving a gift at Christmas is a great way to show appreciation and thanks to staff and clients.

At Christmas time, choosing the right gift is important.

Research has shown that gifting the “right” gift can build relationships, encourage clients to do more business with us, and improve loyalty at work.

But, get the gift wrong, and it can have the opposite effect. Find out more about why corporate gift-giving is important and how to do it right.

Here are some things to consider when giving Christmas gifts at work, and make sure you choose the right gift each time.

Make your Christmas gift personal, but not too personal!

No one wants a gift so personal it makes them uncomfortable.

Don’t super-stalk your employees or clients, and give them a gift that relates to their deepest secrets. Instead, remember conversations you’ve had about things they enjoy doing or like having.

Remind them, “I remember you saying you loved trying different coffee blends”. They’ll truly appreciate this personal touch.

Think about the message your Christmas gift is sending

Your goal is to give a gift that’s valued by your employee or client. When they see or use the gift, you want them to remember you – favorably.

The gift also needs to be appropriate for your relationship.

Try these tips to choose a corporate Christmas gift that sends the right message.

  • Set a budget for all your corporate gifts. Make it the same for everyone, so no one feels less or more valued. We have a range of corporate gifts for all budgets. Check out our selection and talk to us about bulk offers.
  • Make a list of everyone who you’d like to send a gift. Note down your professional relationship (client, employee) and how you’d like them to think of your professional relationship.
  • Remember any food allergies or if they don’t drink alcohol. Sending a bottle of wine to someone who doesn’t drink won’t win you any favours.
  • Think about how the gift can highlight your organisation’s values. If your company has values around sustainability and the environment, choose giftsthat reinforce this message.

Add a note to your Christmas gift

If your gift is for an employee, send it with a personal note recognising an effort they’ve made this year.

If your gift is for a client, make note of how you’ve worked with them that year and what you’re looking forward to in the coming year.

You can add personalised cards, ribbons and branding to all our corporate gifts.

Think outside the (Christmas) box

Anyone can choose a box of chocolates, but what does that really do to build on your relationship with your staff member or client?

Popular corporate Christmas gifts are

  • Branded items such as socks and mugs
  • Bottles of wine
  • Chocolate
  • BBQ sets

Just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good gifts.

At All But One, we take time and effort to curate bespoke gift boxes that contain items that you can’t walk into the supermarket and buy. All the items are carefully and meaningfully put together, so your clients and employees know you value them.

Great corporate Christmas gifts are

Explore our range of corporate gifts that are perfect for gifting at Christmas – to staff and clients.