Easter Gifts

Are you looking for something different for Easter this year? Something special that is not just chocolate? We have some stunning boxes that are exclusive to Easter, but any box is available as an Easter gift – a bit of luxury, a bit of artisan, but always great! Packed by hand in our beautiful magnetic close gift boxes.
If you would like to order one of the other boxes, we will include a complimentary Gingerbread Easter Bunny with green icing. Tick the appropriate box on the gift’s page.

Due to the nature of gift boxing having lots of packaging waste, we use stylish but eco-friendly packaging to pack and courier your gift. 95% of our products are New Zealand made, and we source everything from other NZ businesses (so even the few overseas products are here already). Check out our Our Story – Doing our Bit to see how we are lessening our impact on the environment with the packaging we use.

All our gifts come in a gorgeous gift box, with a ribbon and bow and complimentary greetings card.

If you would like to combine any boxes to make one large gift, please tick the relevant box on the cart page.